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Leading a balanced life, during shifting times,

requires resilience, intuitive wisdom and awareness.

True Essence Frequency products assist your effort

of designing, manifesting, and realizing your best life.

Align to Your Highest Evolutionary Blueprint and LIVE!


                                             ~ Blessings, Sheila & Kerry



Sheila spent much of her youth outdoors. Increasingly, she easily perceived the Divine Intelligence, and Wisdom, inherit within all that Mother Nature offered.  She spent her adult life studying these observations within the fields of natural healing, mysticism, metaphysics and the quantum field.  She now easily recognizes the repeating forms and relationships in "All Life" for coherent function.  The allopathic sciences, and/or artificial intelligence, can never replicate this perfection.

Sheila's private wellness practice "True Essence Healing" opened in 1987, offering customized blend of functional medicine bodywork. Inspired to assist in quickly changing times, she created her online site called

"True Essence Frequency" in 2017, providing her Consciously created small batch frequency products, and contemplative mystic artwork with her daughter Kerry. All designed to help others experience their best life.

Sheila's professional achievements include: 2,000 hrs  Functional Medicine with Victor Frank, DC, ND, LAc; Polarity Therapy Board Certification from the works of Randolph Stone, DO, DC; Reiki Master of Dr. Usui lineage, and RYSE Practitioner/Educator created by Nancy Risley.  Sheila is also

professionally certified in Joy Gardner's Vibrational Medicine of Colored Stones, Light & Color; Acutonics: Flower Essences; and Essential Oils.

~ May We ALL Awaken to Free Expressions of Our True Essence ~

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Growing up with Sheila's tutelage of energy based therapies, body alignment and natural wellness approach, Kerry learned the use of now trending therapies early on. 

She received a Rudolph Steiner education at Cape Ann Waldorf that provided a rich anthroposophical approach complete with the creations

of Sacred Geometry now gaining popularity in IT as fractal mathematics. 

This unique education of organic growth, creative integration, and global awareness, laid the foundation for Kerry's adult interests in architecture, and harmonic design, combined with efficient forms for function.

Kerry received her Bachelors Degree in Interior Design from Mount Ida Chamberlayne School of Design, and after 7 years in the field, co-founded a high end design firm in 2013 called the "N.E. Collaborative Design Group". Their award winning designs can be seen around Boston, and along the Eastern coastline in private homes and community living.

Personally, Kerry became a Usui Reiki Master at age 10.  She combines this with her life experiences of natural wellness to help her loved ones who may occasionally suffer painful symptoms from illness or injury


Kerry brings this unique blend of creativity to TEF, by offering her artistic Sacred Geometry expressions, to grace your space with natural beauty.


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