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We live in incredibly shifting times of expanding awareness.

Cultivating resilience, and discernment, will clear your way.

True Essence Frequency was designed to support your   

life journey of realizing, and manifesting, your best life.


May We All Align to Our Highest Evolutionary Blueprint.

                                                             ~ Blessings, Sheila



“Rudra Roar” (Divine Masculine)

A Seed is Planted for Inner Strength

~Frankincense; Sandalwood; Valor~

“Blue Pearl” (Divine Feminine)

  A Seed Nourishes Pure Essence   ~Ylang Ylang; Orange; Vetiver

   Bergamot; Patchouli; Rosemary;

   German Chamomile ~

“Rooted Lotus” (Divine Child)

A Seed Blooms Into

Unique Individuality

~Dandelion; Frankincense;

Copaiba; Peppermint

“Jewels of Gaia” (Divine Essence)

A Seed Expresses Full Bloom Beauty

~Ylang Ylang; Grapefruit; Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood; Rose Red

Our aura gathers energy debris

from daily life, that often results

in fatigue, brain fog and stress.

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Aura Sprays reconnects to our

Source energies for full expression.


You may be surprised to learn that

our feet are a wonderful way to easily use the healing properties of essential oils for well-being.

Our feet have larger pores than other body parts, allowing essential oils properties to be easily absorbed.


Combined with reflexed relationships, we can stimulate our innate healing energies to specific body areas.


Using TEF Foot Roll-Ons along the "spine of the foot" (see image) we are able to reflex our brain and spinal cord, the mother board of all function, to nourish and vitalize throughout.

You can expand your self-care referring to foot reflexology charts found online, to support digestion; respiration; elimination; etc. … as you choose.

Before bed is a great time, to use

TEF Foot Roll-On oil blends, to nourish body, mind and spirit, with naturally occurring energies while you sleep.


TEF Celtic Salt Sol Water 

is specifically formulated for effective body well-being & functional support.

Unlike generally used table salt in homes, and processed foods, which

is known to be harmful to our bodies, 

TEF Celtic Salt Sol Water supports proper PH and healthy bio-chemistry.

By adding a few drops to your

drinking water daily, your

body is providing with a full complement of naturally

occurring minerals, and trace

minerals, as found in nature,

in a specifically saturated form

to support healthy function.

Studies show positive relief from symptoms of dysfunction with

Muscle tension/cramping;

Digestion; Heart/BP; Skin;

Bones; Skin/Hair; Weight;

Insomnia and Stress.

TEF Celtic Sol Water also 

supports cells healthy hydration,

and hydroelectric energy. 

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Early in her life, Sheila Thomson, BCPP, RPP, TBMP questioned the intelligent relationships she perceived in all mother nature.  As her passion for this metaphysical wisdom grew, she studied with several masters in their fields of frequency based bodywork, vibrational medicines, visualizations, and quantum field awareness. 

All the professional, and personal, studies, led Sheila to open her private wellness practice in the Greater Newburyport Area in 1987. In 1994, her continuous studies of Contemplative Mysticism, and Vedic Astrology, allowed her, and clients/students, to deepen levels of inner Peace, Wisdom, and Joy during the constantly shifting phases of an evolving external world as physical humans, all awakening in their own time as conscious energetic beings living on a planet of shifting polarities. 

May We ALL Awaken to Our Inner Wisdom, Expressing Our True Essence.

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Growing up with energy based medicine, and metaphysics, Kerry Shedd, learned early to use her knowledge of vibrational medicine in life. Becoming a Usui Reiki Master at 10, Kerry would often use visualization, affirmations, Sacred geometry and color therapy as she aligned with her intuitive wisdom for supporting her life endeavors. After completing her studies at Roger Williams, and Mount Ida College/Chamberlayne School of Design, Kerry now creates beautiful customized designs. Kerry Shedd is Co-Founder of The N.E. Collaborative Design Group (, based in Salem, NH creating beautiful expressions of form, function, and flow for harmonic space designs. ​


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