Drawn early to the creative intelligence in nature, Sheila questioned the 

 relationships she perceived all around her.  As her passion for metaphysics grew, she trained with many Masters in the expanding field of    Vibrational Healing and Quantum field awareness.  These evolutionary  

  endeavors during the 80's and 90's, led her to open her private wellness  

  practice in the Greater Newburyport Area in 1987.  Finding Contemplative    Mysticism and Vedic Astrology in 1994, allowed to reach deep inner 

 states of peace, balance and joy during shifting times on our planet.

  May we all awaken to our Inner Wisdom, and express our True Essence.

  Growing up with all things energy, Sheila's daughter Kerry, learned early how 

 to use her knowledge of vibrational medicine. Becoming a Usui Reiki Master

  at age 10, Kerry would often use the powers of creative visualization, affirmations, Sacred geometry and color therapy as she aligned to her intuitive 

  skills for own life endeavors. Kerry studied Architecture and Interior Design 

  in order to express her gifts in the formation of well balanced living spaces.  

   Today, Kerry is Co-Founder of the "New England Collaborative Design Group"     (www.NECDG.com), where she enjoys creating unique expressions of form, function, and flow in the harmonic home designs, for owners to enjoy. 

  "True Essence Frequency" was created to support your goals of naturally harmonic vibrations in your home sanctuary, and pleasant office designs.  Our wish is to bring nature inspired artwork, contemplative prose, custom vibrational medicine and events to bring help others create their enhanced, balanced and pleasantly balanced life.