Early in her life, Sheila Thomson, BCPP, RPP, TBMP questioned the 

  intelligent relationships she perceived in all mother nature.  As her 

  passion for this metaphysical wisdom grew, she studied with several 

  masters in their fields of frequency based bodywork, vibrational 

  medicines, visualizations, and quantum field awareness

All the professional, and personal, studies, led Sheila to open her 

  private wellness practice in the Greater Newburyport Area in 1987.

  In 1994, her continuous studies of Contemplative Mysticism, and Vedic 

  Astrology, allowed her, and clients/students, to deepen levels of 

  inner Peace, Wisdom, and Joy during the constantly shifting phases of 

  an evolving external world as physical humans, all awakening in their own 

  time as conscious energetic beings living on a planet of shifting polarities

  May We ALL Awaken to Our Inner Wisdom, Expressing Our True Essence.

  Growing up with energy based medicine, and metaphysics, Kerry Shedd, learned early to use her knowledge of vibrational medicine in life. Becoming a 

  Usui Reiki Master at 10, Kerry would often use visualization, affirmations, 

  Sacred geometry and color therapy as she aligned with her intuitive 

  wisdom for supporting her life endeavors. 

 After completing her studies at Roger Williams, and Mt.Ida/Chamberlayne 

  School of Design, Kerry now creates beautiful customized designs.  

   Kerry Shedd is Co-Founder of "New England Collaborative Design Group"  

 (www.NECDG.com), based in Salem, NH creating beautiful 

  expressions of form, function, and flow for harmonic space designs. 

  "True Essence Frequency" supports your goals to create harmonic vibrations in home, office, and santuary. Our wish is to bring nature inspired art, contemplative prose, and vibrational medicines to help you create a balanced ife.