Pre-Paid Registration to Reserve 

  NOV 7th & 14th and Dec 5th Thurs 6:30-7:30 pm 

  Powerful group energy allows the easy release of outdated  

  blocks in our energy system, and the increased alignment to our   

  Inner Harmonics. Raising the frequency in our subtle 

  energy systems, attracts positive which enhances life experience. 

  Your Heart Listens to Your Inner Wisdom!  

  Ignite the Spark Within  


 Affordable Semi-Private Energy Balancing 

  SUN 11-12 Nov 3rd & Dec 8th

  Enjoy this deep state of restoration, as your body 

  relaxes comfortably on padded massage tables 

  while gathered with others in semi-private space. 

Relax deeply as you are bathed in harmonic sound therapy, receiving restorative Polarity Therapy, and Quartz Crystal Chakra vitalizing to renew body, ming and Spirit.